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Pros & Cons of Crowdsourcing

Written by Marliese Andexer 12 / 02 / 2014

Globally recognised brands are using Crowdsourcing sites such as, and for various projects, from short videos to complete re-brands. But do they work? We look at the pros & cons of crowdsourcing.

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Some say Crowdsourcing, which is the practice of acquiring services from a large group of people or “outsourcing to a crowd”, creates a level playing field, allowing bright young sparks to work on major campaigns. However, many designers and videographers are turning their backs on Crowdsourcing, claiming it is killing the industry.

So what are the pros and cons of Crowdsourcing to complete your creative projects?


Cost effective. The winning applicant only has to be paid (or ‘rewarded’) once a preferable finished product is found. Don’t like what you see? Don’t pay.

Potentially quick turnaround. Post your job on a relevant site, set an end date, watch the applications stream in, choose one you like, job done.

Hundreds of ideas for free. No need to look through endless portfolios – post a brief and wait until you find the design that suits your needs best.

“Not only is the process efficient, inexpensive, fast, and social, it’s just plain fun.”

Michael Hyatt, Author ‘Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World’


No time for in-depth brief or brand understanding. One commentator compared Crowdsourcing to an author writing a biography after reading a single paragraph for research. It’s likely the finished product isn’t a clear representation of what was intended.

Potentially slow turnaround. Post your job on a relevant site, set an end date, watch the applications stream in, none of them fit your requirements, back to square one with a majorly diminished timescale.

Brand damage. Many see Crowdsourcing as exploitation and big businesses cheating. It also relinquishes some brand control whilst simultaneously revealing a chink in ones armour. And if you don’t want to control your brand, your competitors happily will.

“Crowdsourcing has its immediate appeal at face value, but the costs are corrosive and inherently damaging to your company’s well-being and potential for success.”

– John Edwards, Taproot Creative

At Impact Marketing we converse and collaborate with clients when working on campaigns. Our Digital Team works closely with all our clients, from initial idea generation to video production to online seeding, to ensure that the finished product is of an excellent quality that exceeds requirements.

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