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Why Blogger Outreach Works

Written by Marliese Andexer 26 / 01 / 2015

In recent years Blogger Outreach has emerged as one of the most effective strategies when it comes to engaging online audiences. It’s no surprise, then, that the popularity of this thoroughly modern approach to content marketing is on the rise. Here, we explain why Blogger Outreach is so powerful and how it can be harnessed by arts organisations to maximise the success of targeted campaigns.


Always on the look-out for new material to cover, bloggers want content that’s current, fresh and relevant to their interests.

This is the beauty of blogger outreach: it’s mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

The choice to approach bloggers is as much about leveraging their passion and expertise as it is about harnessing influence, and this means providing the inspiration for their next post. Whether you’re promoting a West End musical or a small specialist exhibition, arts organisations are ideally positioned to deliver exactly the sort of engaging source material that gets bloggers talking.

Most cater to relatively small but highly engaged communities, and their relationship with their readers is typically defined by one of the most valuable assets available to marketers in any industry: trust.

“86% of influencers (‘A person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace’) have blogs.”Technorati

Popular bloggers represent a credible and reliable voice within their niches and the strength of their connection with their audience is founded on integrity and passion.


Content produced by bloggers not only has the potential to increase awareness but also to affect purchasing decisions.

Research by BlogHer has indicated that 81% of the online population in the US trust information and advice from blogs, while 61% have made a purchase based on a bloggers recommendation.

Blog Purchase

The sheer scale of the blogosphere can be intimidating, but it’s also one of its core differentiating strengths as a resource.

The rich diversity which this engenders means that there’s no need to compromise on your objectives. By comparison, you can think of the scope of Traditional PR as a broad brush, not without its uses, but lacking the finesse and nuance of Blogger Outreach.


The key to a successful Blogger Outreach campaign is not only an extensive knowledge of the blogosphere, but also the ability to build and maintain relationships with bloggers.

Contacting the right people and engaging them in the right way is essential to securing quality coverage. This means making sure that their tone and style is suitable, as well as evaluating how germane the campaign in question is to their recent posts.

The traditional approach of canvassing the entirety of a mailing list with a generic press release won’t wash here. Bloggers are individuals, not just a promotional platform to be fed content, and they expect to be treated as such.

“Your responsibility as a marketer, PR professional and as a human being is to establish some sort of a relationship and invest in it before expecting someone you don’t know to just do things for you.” – Ernest Barbaric Digital Marketing

Their time is valuable, so the material on offer needs to be genuinely relevant and presented in a way that demonstrates how it relates back to each blogger’s specific interests.


Once a campaign is in action the results are measurable. There is potential to track where and when articles are published, what social media platforms they are shared on and how many times they are shared.

Accountable, intelligent and cost effective: Blogger Outreach represents a truly invaluable service for arts marketers looking to get the most out of their budget.

By embracing this, arts organisations can not only ensure that the audiences they want to reach take notice, but also have the opportunity to enlist a voice with significant sway over consumer behaviour.

If you can get the right bloggers excited about your campaign, then their audience will follow.

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