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Audience Spectrum – A new profiling tool

Written by Emma Clements 21 / 09 / 2015

A new profiling tool created by The Audience Agency which identifies ten culturally active population segments.

Audience Spectrum is a new population profiling tool created specifically to service the marketing needs of organisations working in the arts and cultural sector. It factors in attendance, participation and engagement as well as preferences and attitudes towards arts, museums and heritage organisations.

Using data from a wide range of sources creates a powerful tool which builds on the benefits of previous industry-specific segmentation systems (such as the Arts Council’s Arts Audiences: Insight) but adds the geo-locatable advantage of Experian’s Mosaic classification, allowing organisations to target and profile audiences down to postcode level.

Audience-Spectrum-dominant London groups

Information about people’s lifestyles and cultural habits are brought together to create ten segments, each of which has a detailed ‘pen portrait’ which outlines their key features, summarises statistical data and suggests ways you can engage and communicate with these individuals.

In London and the South East, the three segments which are most culturally engaged, and which make up the highest proportion of arts audiences and visitors to museums and heritage sites are Metroculturals, Commuterland Culturebuffs and Experience Seekers.


Metroculturals are prosperous, liberal urbanites who choose a city lifestyle for the cultural opportunities it affords. They are interested in a diverse spectrum of activity and many engage with the arts on a weekly basis. They are highly educated and have a wider range of interests including food, travel, current affairs and architecture.

They are most likely to:

  • Attend classical music concerts or opera
  • Live in West and Central London
  • Respond to personalised communication through digital media

Experience Seekers are highly active, diverse, social and ambitious students, recent graduates or young professionals in the early to mid-stages of their careers. They form a significant part of urban arts audiences and regularly attend a wide variety of cultural events, including mainstream and contemporary artforms.


They are most likely to:

  • Attend festivals, films and dance
  • Live in East and South East London
  • Respond to ambient media and interactive to content which stimulates their interest

Commuterland Culturebuffs are affluent, settled senior managers and professionals living in leafy suburban or greenbelt areas. They have broad tastes but lean towards heritage and classical offerings, and are willing to pay for premium experiences.

They are most likely to:

  • Attend plays/drama and art exhibitions
  • Live in London suburbs and Home Counties
  • Respond to traditional communication including email and direct mail

Audience Spectrum is available free of charge to all cultural organisations, through The Audience Agency’s Audience Finder portal.

For more information, and to start segmenting your audiences using this powerful new tool, register for free today at

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