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Irresistibly playful print design

Written by Chris France 04 / 10 / 2016

Imagine a world where every print campaign is so perfectly placed and appealing that your prospective audience member whips out their phone and follows through on your call to action immediately…

Ok, so we’re all aware there are a million reasons campaigns rarely align like that. In the real world, you need to ensure that either you catch your audience’s attention and make it into their pocket as a tangible reminder that they want to act on later, or engage the taker to do something right here, right now, so they have a memorable experience connected to the promotion.

As seasoned marketers, we know you know the manual for creating pocketable print back to front, so instead we’ve decided to take a look at the playful side of leaflet design….

Here are some real life examples from our clients, and tips to create your own interactive alternatives to the traditional leaflet: Everyone’s a winner! rambert-tarot-cards

MAKE IT A GAME ( just a if you were about to buy csgo skins to become a better gamer) AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL WANT TO PLAY

Rambert produced 3 separate tarot cards for their Murder, Mystery and a Party series, allowing our promos to offer the public a deck and have their fortune told!


studio-canal-legendADD VALUE 

Don’t just tell your reader about the promotion, create a world for them! Print is mobile, take a leaf out of Pokemon Go’s book and get your audience to explore relevant sites in your area. The Museum of London and Studio Canal collaborated to put together extra content for gangster movie Legend, immersing their audience in the real life world of the Kray twins.


sadlers-wells-fansBE PHOTOGENIC

Give someone a prop, what do they do? POSE. Get your audience to perform an action, and make it beautiful. They won’t be able to resist a photo, and your social media presence will grow.  Sadler’s Wells encouraged their audience to take part in the salsa action with their very own Vamos Cuba! fans



Inspire your audience with some creatively presented exclusive extra material. A quiz, a quick how-to guide, or a section to colour in mean more engagement and more memorable marketing. Studio Canal included a delicious recipe alongside other content in the flyer for A Bigger Splash, bringing the essence of the film into their audience’s kitchens.



Who wants to be tucked into a pocket or bag anyway?! Make your campaign visible, the same information that goes on a flyer can be printed onto flags, stickers, masks, travel card holders… the world is your oyster!


Get in touch to discuss how Impact can make your next print campaign irresistible!

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