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Innovative marketing ideas from creative minds

The Impact team is a diverse group, with a range of interests and skills that combine to create fresh and compelling marketing ideas for our customers.

Blending logistical brilliance with the finest arts-marketing brains in the business, we get the perfect balance of creativity and accuracy in every job. Meet the team to find out who is a boffin, who is an artist, and who is a blend of both.

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Simon Drysdale Managing Director

As Managing Director it's my job to make sure Impact delivers the very best service to our customers. I do this by making sure our team is made up of people who are creative, inspirational and results-driven; consequently everyone at Impact makes a unique contribution to our business and to our clients' campaigns.


Emma Clements Associate Director

I am responsible for our core business, print display, but also work closely with Simon on company strategy: forging partnerships, leading project teams and driving business development. I’m also a theatre-loving bookworm with two children and a dog.


Zoltan Hoffmann Director

I founded Impact over 20 years ago and now work part-time. Over the years I have been very proud to see Impact go from strength to strength, always innovating and embracing new ideas and technologies. When not at my desk you might find me working with wood, house renovating or tinkering with classic cars.


Marliese Andexer Head of Digital

My role as General Manager is to ensure that our strategies deliver measurable results for our business as well as our clients. As Head of Digital I implement our varied video and digital campaigns. In my spare time I enjoy making music and learning new things.


Tiru Thiruvilangam Head of Innovation & Engagement

I head up the account management team with a special focus on new business. I'm also very focused on keeping current clients happy, and making sure Impact always has new or improved services to offer. I have worked in the arts and charity sectors for many years, in both marketing and fundraising roles.



I’m Impact’s Brighton-based Business Development Manager, bringing our print-based and digital marketing services to arts and tourism clients nationwide. I love crafts and unique experiences, from live performance to installations.


Chris France Client Services & Business Growth Manager

Currently in my 2nd stint at Impact, I am now Client Services & Business Growth Manager, a position where I look to develop our marketing services, undertake business development strategies and work with clients developing campaigns.


Ava Striker Senior Account Manager

As an Account Manager I help my clients make a splash with their campaigns through print, experiential and digital marketing. Away from the office I recharge with music, be it pop, jazz or opera and seek out experiences that surprise and inspire me.


Jennifer Leigh Williamson Account Manager

As an Account Manager, I help our clients reach their target audience. I do this by working with them to construct a campaign that effectively gets the word out through print, digital and word-of-mouth marketing. I am a massive geek and love to get into long, nerdy SciFi conversations whilst drinking tea from my TARDIS mug.


Maximilian Bann-Murray Account Manager

As an Account Manager I help clients get their message out through print and digital campaigns. Outside of work I try to indulge in as many arts exhibitions I can find – I’m also keen on analogue photography


Russell Radcliff Head of Operations

I am responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business and the day-to-day running of the warehouse. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and toiling away in the kitchen teaching my daughter to bake.


Tony Wallman Print Display Team Manager

I’m in charge of managing our fleet of van’s and drivers, I also make sure all our print is delivered promptly and displayed in the best possible venues. Outside Impact I’m a music lover and keen drummer and I also love motorsport.


Emily Durley Office Manager

I run the Accounts Department: processing invoices, keeping the company’s books up to date and, most importantly, making sure everyone gets paid on time! In my spare time I like to indulge in all things print and pattern related.


Tom Wells Senior Print Display Ambassador

An all-rounder at Impact, from top notch graphic design to master of the West End, with an intimate knowledge of routes and roads. Outside of work involves more graphic design, cycling and generally trying to win at stuff.


Hektor Kowalski Creative Director

I am a video artist, designer and educator working in the cinematic, media and curatiorial fields. I am also Impact's creative director and head videographer ensuring that all of our videos adhere to the highest professional standards and our distinctive visual style.


Lukasz Cholewiak D.O.P.

I have a passion for telling stories with beautiful aesthetics. I studied film-making in my native Poland and have a passion for cinema.



I am employed to create a more productive work environment for my colleagues: I alleviate stress, break down barriers and encourage meaningful interaction among employees. I also shred paper, indiscriminately.


Joel Sheperd Print Display– South East

I am Impact's dedicated distribution driver in Brighton & Sussex, ensuring we maintain great relationships with our venues in the South East. I really enjoy being active! My hobbies include mountain biking and basketball but I also enjoy playing computer games and love a good night out in the pub!


Charlie Snelgrove Promo Staff

Graduating from UAL in 2014 I'm an art and theatre nut, I love getting involved in creative projects and exploring bold spaces to work in, my dream is to be running on the forefront of new ideas.


Ting Ting Cheng Promo Staff

I’m am a graduate in photography and fine art. That is what my life is all about – art. I also love promoting great shows and events as I am always on the look out for one to attend myself.


Liz Bright Promo Staff

I am Impact's Hotel Ambassador. I helped create the service a few years ago and have been spreading the good news to hotels ever since! The rest of my time consists of being a Musical Theatre performer (when someone hires me!) and a performing arts teacher.


Matthew Daw Promo Staff

I’m a performer, writer and creative individual who loves working for Impact's wide range of interesting performing arts clients. I love Impact's great team and I’m always getting to meet new people!


Stephen Lawrence Promo Staff

In the last 4 years, I have done everything from hand to hand distribution to word of mouth, from rickshaw riding to working in the office whilst judging Andy's taste in music, but mainly I put up posters for all of the shows that I wish I was in.


Georgie Robinson

I'm part of the promo team. I've worked on various leafleting campaigns for all the major art venues around London and in the summer helped out on the Infobikes.


Simon Nuckley Promo Staff

As well as being an actor, I work in the antiquarian book trade, valuing old and rare books for auction. I'm currently completing an internship with Chiswick Auctions, in the book department. I originally trained at East 15 Acting School and act under the name of Simon Brandon.


Jennifer Ansdell Promo Staff

I have been a member of the promo team for a few years and I absolutely love it! I enjoy the varied campaigns and meeting all the other lovely members of the Impact Team. I am also a performer and choreographer.


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